Brain Training for Dogs Reviews: Does This Program REALLY Work?

Tired of barking, chewing, and disobedience? Brain Training for Dogs could be the answer! Honest review, success stories, and an inside look at this popular program.


Sahil George

4/20/20244 min read

Brain Training for Dogs Reviews: Does This Program REALLY Work?
Brain Training for Dogs Reviews: Does This Program REALLY Work?


Imagine a life where your dog greets you calmly at the door, walks politely by your side, and understands your every command. Frustrated with constant barking, chewing mishaps, and jumping up on guests? Brain Training for Dogs promises to unlock your dog's hidden potential and make unruly behaviour a thing of the past. But can it truly deliver on these promises? Let's find out.

As a dog owner myself, I get those moments of exasperation. It can feel like your dog just doesn't listen, no matter how much you love them. But what if the key to better behaviour lies in understanding how your dog learns?

Introduce the Solution: "That's the philosophy behind Brain Training for Dogs. This program, created by certified dog trainer Adrienne Farricelli, focuses on developing your dog's intelligence through fun games and exercises. Let's take a deep dive into what this program is all about."

What is Brain Training for Dogs?

  • Concise Explanation: "Brain Training for Dogs is an online training system designed to enhance your dog's natural intelligence, leading to improved behaviour, stronger obedience, and a happier, more engaged dog. It centres on the idea that by tapping into your dog's mental potential, you can address the root causes of common behaviour problems."

  • Credentials: "Adrienne Farricelli, a CPDT-KA certified trainer with years of experience, developed this program based on proven canine behaviour science."

  • Core principles: "The program emphasizes positive reinforcement, stimulating activities, and strengthening your bond with your dog."

How Does Brain Training Work?

  • Science: "Dogs, like us, learn through experience. Brain Training for Dogs offers structured games and exercises that challenge your dog mentally, rewiring their brain for better focus, impulse control, and obedience."

  • Benefits: "This translates to real-world results like reduced barking, less destructive behaviour, and a dog who eagerly listens to your commands. Plus, by engaging with your dog this way, you build a deeper, more fulfilling relationship."

  • Suitability: "One of the best things about Brain Training for Dogs is that it works for any dog, young or old, regardless of breed or previous training experience."

Inside the Program: What You'll Get

  • Modules: "The Program is broken down into easy-to-follow modules like 'Preschool,' 'Elementary School,' and so on. Each module focuses on specific skills and behaviours."

  • Games: "Instead of traditional commands, you'll learn a variety of fun brain games like 'The Treasure Hunt,' 'The Muffin Game,' and 'The Airplane Game.' These games are designed to make training enjoyable for both you and your dog."

  • Resources: "You'll also find valuable resources like a problem-solving behaviour archive, troubleshooting guides, and even access to a support forum for personalized help."

Success Stories

Overcoming Reactivity

  • Before: "Jasper lunged and barked at every dog on walks. It was mortifying! I tried to avoid other dogs, but that just made him more anxious. I was desperate for a solution."

  • After: "Brain Training for Dogs taught me games like 'Look at That,' which helps Jasper focus on me instead of other dogs. Now when we see another dog, he looks to me first! The lunging and barking have become a lot less frequent and a lot less intense." - Sarah M., Golden Retriever owner

Calming an Anxious Pup

  • Before: "Leaving Molly home was heartbreaking. She'd destroy pillows, bark uncontrollably, and wouldn't eat or settle until I returned. I felt like a terrible owner, and it was so stressful for both of us."

  • After: "'The Treasure Hunt' game became a godsend! It channels her energy and teaches her to relax when I'm gone. Now, she happily plays while I'm away, and I arrive home to a calm dog instead of chaos." - Lisa P., Beagle owner

Tips to Further Strengthen:

  • Vivid Details: "Pillows shredded across the floor", and "neighbors complaining about barking" add tangible imagery.

  • Emotional Language: Swap "felt terrible" with "felt crushed", and "godsend" with "a weight lifted off my shoulders".

  • Quantify Improvements: "...barking has become 50% less frequent" can show progress without visual proof.

Pros and Cons of Brain Training for Dogs

  • Pros: "Science-based methods, focus on positive reinforcement, engaging for dogs, step-by-step instructions, a wide variety of resources, track record of success."

  • Cons: "It does require some time and consistency from the owner, certain advanced games might be more challenging for some dogs, not a 'quick fix' solution if your dog has severe behavioural problems."

Brain Training for Dogs FAQs

  • Is Brain Training for Dogs worth the money? "This depends on your priorities. If you value a science-based, positive approach to dog training with convenient online access, it's likely a worthwhile investment. Consider the alternative costs of individual training sessions or the potential damage from unchecked problem behaviours."

  • How long does it take to see results? "While every dog is different, many owners report noticing positive changes within days or weeks. Remember, consistency is key. Dedicating even short daily sessions can make a big difference over time."

  • Does it work for aggressive dogs? "Brain Training for Dogs focuses on mental engagement and positive reinforcement. While it can improve impulse control, for severe aggression cases, it's best to consult with a professional behaviourist alongside the program."

  • My dog is old. Can they still benefit? "Absolutely! Brain training is excellent for dogs of all ages. Senior dogs might even find the mental stimulation helps keep them sharp and engaged as they age."


  • Summarize key takeaways: "Brain Training for Dogs offers a unique and effective approach to address common dog behaviour problems. Its emphasis on positive methods, engaging activities, and scientific principles makes it a great option for many dog owners."

  • Personal touch: "As a fellow dog lover, I believe every dog deserves to reach its full potential. Brain Training for Dogs can help bridge the gap between you and your furry companion, leading to less frustration and a more fulfilling relationship for years to come."

  • Final verdict: "If you're committed to putting in the effort, Brain Training for Dogs has the potential to transform your dog's behaviour and unlock their intelligence. However, it's essential to be realistic and remember that results will depend on your dedication as well."

Ready for the Next Step

Curious to discover what your dog is truly capable of? Want to ditch the barking tantrums and enjoy a well-behaved, focused canine companion? Explore Brain Training for Dogs today! Visit the official website for more information and access to limited-time offers."

Take the first step towards a happier, more harmonious life with your dog – the transformation starts now!